Chicago Marathon Training: Weeks 13 and 14

img_0312Whelp, another couple of weeks and another missed weekly recap–oh well! We had a couple of jam-packed weeks which included 2 weekends in Maine, my 29th birthday, the first week of fall classes, an absolutely nutty time at work, a half marathon, and a friend’s wedding. PHEW.

Rewinding to last week, I knew we were heading up to Maine for the first half of the holiday weekend so I met the girls Thursday morning for our 3 hour long run. The idea of this run was to run around a minute slower per mile than MGP (marathon goal pace) but to run for 3 full hours. We ended up covering about 21 miles at an 8:45 average pace. It was actually pretty challenging to purposely take the run slow, but I felt strong by the finish so mission accomplished. Grateful as always to have found such great long run buddies! I ran some fun workout-type runs in Maine and rounded out the week at 43.6 miles total, which is my highest weekly mileage to date.

On Thursdays, we wear purple.

Week 14 was a cutback week before I hit my longest run this coming weekend, so I registered for a small half marathon in Maine with my OG running buddy, Bry–we ran a half for her birthday so we decided to do one for mine too. Full recap to come soon, but despite some crazy weather we had a great time. Spoiler alert below in the full recap–not bad for a hilly course and less than ideal conditions.

img_0282Other updates: I managed to squeeze a massage into my schedule and it was SO necessary! It really relieved some of the hip tightness I had felt creeping back in, and it felt amazing for my shoulders which had gotten crazy tight with the work and school stress. I also finally invested in a new pair of shoes. I decided to stick with my Asics and the news ones are feelin’ excellent so far.

I’m definitely getting to the point in training that I’m just a little bit tired of constantly thinking about my running schedule, especially now that I’m back in classes and things have picked up at work, but I feel strong and ready heading into the last month of training. Time to start crossing all of my fingers and toes for good conditions!! Full recap below.

Week 13:

  • Wednesday: 4 easy miles
  • Thursday: 21 mile slow n’ steady long run at 8:46 average pace
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: 3 big hills, 2 tempos (7:37 and 7:08), strides
  • Sunday: 3 miles

Week 14:

  • Monday: 4 negative split miles at an 8:08 average, 90 minute yoga
  • Tuesday: Rainy track day! 6.5 miles total, workout details here
  • Wednesday: 4 easy miles
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: 5.5 miles with some tempos mixed in, 8:04 average
  • Saturday: 3 mile shakeout
  • Sunday: 13.1 mile RACE! 1:41:47 finish, 7:45 average
  • Monday: 4 recovery miles at a 9:05 average

Chicago marathon training: week 12

IMG_0054Hello hello. Slightly belated greetings from the end of another 40 mile week–woot woot!! Despite a shorter long run this week, I was able to top out 40.5 miles total. I actually felt really strong on my 14 mile long run despite the longer mid-week miles, so I really hope to keep this up until I start cutting back for the taper in just a few short weeks. Also, hurrah for cooler morning weather! We definitely still had a few steamy mornings this past week, but things are looking grand on the running weather front 🙂

After an absolutely nutty month of travel and life events and such, this weekend I took a much-needed breather and got in some chill couch time along with a solid solo long run. I love running with friends but sometimes I really appreciate going solo too, especially for the slightly shorter runs. It’s still crazy to me that I think of 14 miles as a shorter run! We also had J’s nephew in town for his 11th birthday and his first Red Sox game, which was really fun. Mama runners, I give you all of the props–having a kiddo around takes some serious energy.IMG_0038

By way of a shoe update, I’m pretty sure I’m sticking with the Asics GT 2000 4‘s for Chicago. Now that I’ve discovered Trail Toes for my blisters (thank you times 100000 to HoHo Runs for this incredible recommendation), I realized I otherwise really love these shoes. I have extremely narrow feet so my shoe choice is somewhat limited to the few companies that make running sneaks in widths, and this version of the Asics shoe is actually cut even more narrow than usual.

I got a second chance to try out a treadmill class at HHRC Cambridge on Thursday–I’ll always prefer an outdoor workout, but it’s a great way to get hills/speed done in a cooler environment with fun coaching and music. This is actually my second stab at indoor treadmill classes, so keep an eye out for a post about them in the near future. Last but not least, I switched up to a faster pace group for this morning’s track workout and man, it was killer! It was interesting to really push myself to my max speed and effort–I definitely ended our 400s completely out of breath. It’s cool to see what I’m capable of, although I may take it a little bit easier heading into pre-marathon month. Full recap below:

IMG_0012Week 12:

  • Tuesday: 6 mile tempo run, 7:54 average
  • Wednesday: 4 easy miles
  • Thursday: 6.4 miles total with treadmill hills at HHRC
  • Friday: 3.9 recovery miles at 8:56
  • Saturday: 14 miles at 8:22
  • Sunday: 90 minute yoga and an easy hike with J
  • Monday: 4 easy miles, 6 strides
  • Tuesday: Track! 5.2 total miles, speedwork at 5:40 (OOF)

Thursday I’m back at it with the gals for a slow and steady 3 hour timed run, and then I’m officially registered for the Lake Auburn Half Marathon on 9/11. Happy almost Labor Day, friends–enjoy those last few moments of summer!!

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Chicago marathon training: week 9

IMG_9848Another week down, another weekend away! I spent last weekend down the Cape for a high school friend’s bachelorette. Despite the lack of sleep, I managed to sneak in a 14 miler along the course of my first Ragnar Cape Cod leg, which was a fun blast from the past. It was interesting to do a super flat long run–I’ve realized I actually like how hills break up the monotony, so I’m hoping to keep my long runs on the flatter side moving forward to get ready for Chicago. The weekend was super fun–I’m so grateful to have a lovely group of friends who I’ve known for so long.

To the beach!

The temps have been much friendlier this week, but unfortunately it’s been pretty humid so not a ton of relief is in sight. August is definitely the longest slog of marathon training, as the temps get higher and the runs get longer. It’s the perfect time to bring in reinforcements, so this weekend I’ll be doing a long run with some of the track girls and I manage to drag J on a run at the end of last week. I even recruited a work friend to her first track session–hopefully she doesn’t hate me too much after that 😉

As to my other goal for marathon training part two, I’m super pleased to be upping the mileage and feeling good doing it. IMG_9847The keys for me are keeping my Fridays easy, my Sundays empty, and lots of self care in between (aka yoga and massages!) I got my first massage of training this week at the new-to-me Soul Flower Wellness. Bostonians, if you’re looking for a place Laska was amazing!! I was super proud when she told me my IT bands were in pretty good shape, but holy moly did she go to town on my back and glutes. It’s always something–gotta keep up the stretching, corework, and foam rolling for sure.

Pre-run cheese

This week is a particularly special one since J and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary. Happiest of happies to my number one fan–I’m SO lucky to have you in my life!!

Week 9:

  • Thursday: PM 90 minute yoga (AM run recap listed last week)
  • Friday: easy 3 miler with J
  • Saturday: 14 miles with a fast finish, 8:29 average
  • Sunday: OFF
  • Monday: 5 miles at 8:39 pace
  • Tuesday: Track! See Strava for workout details, speedwork at 6:25 average, 90 minute yoga
  • Wednesday: 4 miles at 8:40 pace
  • Thursday: 2 mile w/u, 2 miles at tempo (7:14, 7:00, 7:50), 1.5 mile c/d

How I listen to my body to prevent injuries

IMG_9745Happy Monday, party people! I have a quick update on my hip pain situation I wrote about in my week 7 marathon training update. The long and the short of it is that I am feeling almost 100% better and was able to complete my scheduled long run this weekend. Keeping in mind that I am NOT a medical professional but have had my fair share of minor injuries, I wanted to share the strategies I use to help keep my training on track.

  1. Understand that minor aches and pains are an inevitable part of marathon training. I can’t stress this one enough–marathon training is a lot on any body and little tweaks and pains are part of the process. Try to stay in tune with what’s going on, and if anything lasts more than a day or two, gets worse instead of better, or is a sharp pain (versus a dull/achey pain) then take the steps you need to in order to take care of it. Running through something painful will make it worse, not better.
  2. Do the easy things first. When something falls into the category of “beyond the daily aches and pains,” use your resources before immediately jumping to seeing a professional. More often than not, they’ll tell you to do the following, so if you’re feeling like it’s not serious it can help to try these things yourself instead of wasting time and money getting the same advice from a doctor:IMG_7095
    • Take time off. More on this below.
    • Ice! I keep a reusable icepack in the freezer and will bring it to work and ice on and off all day if I’m treating an injury.
    • Take an antinflamatory–if you have concerns about this one, obviously check with a doc first, but last summer my doctor told me to take ibuprofen every 6 hours to bring down inflamation and it really helped both then and this hip business.
    • Foam roll! I foam roll almost every day, but when I’m working with an injury I try to roll every morning and evening (as long as it isn’t too painful). Foam rolling is a really great preventative care technique. I have one of these for my quads/glutes/IT bands and one of these, which I use mostly for my calves.
    • Stretch! I find both yoga and stretching to be really helpful for both treatment and prevention.
  3. Rest, rest, REST. It can be really, really hard to take time off from running, but taking extra rest days is absolutely essential to keeping your training on track. I took Thursday and Friday off last week and was able to complete my 17 mile long run pain-free on Saturday morning.IMG_9747
  4. Use online resources (with great caution). The internet can be a scary place if you’re injured–there’s lots of gloom and doom out there about “runner’s knee” and other vauge/unhelpful diagnoses for aches and pains. While I am super duper cautious about taking advice from Dr. Google, I was able to look up some helpful diagrams to zero in on which hip muscle was bothering me and find a stretch to target it directly. So use your resources with a heavy dose of cynicism, and always ask a professional if you’re at all unsure.
  5. Prevent it from happening again. It’s easy to get lazy after an injury feels better, but it’s even easier to re-injure something that you’re not taking care of. This is why, for example, I foam roll every day and do yoga twice a week even when I’m injury-free. Better to take the time now and not have to disrupt my training later on!

How do you listen to your body and prevent running injuries?

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Chicago marathon training: week 7

IMG_9721So… this update has to start off with a little bit of less than awesome news. During my run on Wednesday I felt something funny tweak in my hip, and since then I’ve been dealing with some soreness in what I think is my TFL (tensor fasciae latae). I was supposed to run a local 5k today but I’m going to take today and tomorrow off in order to hopefully get things back in order in time for my long run this weekend. Here’s hoping ice, foam rolling, ibuprofen, and stretching will do the trick!!

sunset.blogIn order news, I had a lovely and relaxing long weekend in Maine with my mom. Even though she lives down the street it’s always nice to get to spend some really good quality time together, complete with reading, lake swimming, and some late season strawberry picking. She even set an early alarm on Saturday to take a bike ride while I did my long run! Be sure to follow along on the insta for more on all of my adventures in Maine and beyond.

I was able to get in runs all three days we were up at the cabin, and then I got back to town in time for a tough track session. I’m having so much fun with these workouts–I even may have found a new Chicago training buddy who runs my pace! Like I’ve mentioned, getting to feel comfortable and meet new people in these big group workouts takes some time and effort, but it’s 100% worth

Week 7:

  • Friday: 5.6 miles at 8:42 pace
  • Saturday: 11 miles with a fast finish, 8:27 average
  • Sunday: 2.5 miles at 9:30 pace
  • Monday: 4.2 miles at 8:22 pace, 6 x strides
  • Tuesday: Track! 6×200 @ 5k, 4×300 @ mile, 2×400 @ 5k, 1×800 @ best, interspersed with burpees, planks, and mountain climbers
  • Wednesday: 5.5 miles at 8:47 pace
  • Thursday: 60 minute yoga/OFF

This past week was a cutback week, meaning that the mileage was a little bit lower and the long run was a little bit shorter. This weekend I have a 16 mile long run on tap, and the weather is looking pretty toasty, so it’ll be an early morning wake-up for sure. Here’s hoping my hip situation clears up quickly–anyone have any tips/advice for great frontal-outer hip stretches?

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Chicago marathon training: week 5

IMG_9529Greetings from another week of marathon training–I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Jeremy was out of town hiking the last of the 48 4000+ ft. mountains in NH (and he did it–YAY J!) so I had a quiet start to the weekend with a solo 14 miler. It definitely was my best training run so far this season–everything really just clicked for me and I felt strong and happy the whole time. It helped that it was a gorgeous morning with temps in the 60s the whole run. I’m really loving running on the Boston marathon route, since it takes me out into my hometown and works a few hills into my training.

We had a awesome rest of the weekend complete with sunsets, fireworks, hanging out in the sunshine, and giant ice cream sundaes to celebrate our athletic achievements (after which we always try to immediately consume all of the calories we burned off, obvs.) IMG_9523

On Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early (even after staying up for the 10:30 fireworks!) all ready to go to track–and looked out the window to find it was POURING rain. Womp womp. I did get my run in later in that day, but that meant I was left to do speedwork by myself for the first time this training cycle. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but I generally enjoy running alone–except for speedwork. So this one was a bit of a mental battle, but the workout had a lot of variety and I’m happy I got through it. It definitely showed me that I need to work on being able to identify my own effort levels to learn, for example, what a 5k pace feels like vs. a 10k pace.

Here’s the full weekly recap!

Red, white, and blue sunsets for the fourth!

Week 5:

  • Friday: 2 miles at 9:05 pace
  • Saturday: 14 miles at 8:13 pace
  • Sunday: 90 minute yoga class/OFF
  • Monday: 3 miles at 9:02 pace + 6 strides + core
  • Tuesday: 5 miles at 8:18 pace, 60 minute yoga class
  • Wednesday: Speedwork! Warmup, 2 miles @10k, 2 min rest, 1.5 min @ 5k w/ 30 sec rest x4, cooldown
  • Thursday: 4 miles + 10 strides

This weekend we’re off for a whirlwind trip to Portland for the Old Port Half Marathon and then to NH for my dear friends Em and Aaron’s wedding (I originally set them up, so this is an extra special one for me!)

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Chicago marathon training: week 4

IMG_9461Hard to believe it, but I’m recapping the first full month of Chicago Marathon training! (Click here for my recaps of weeks 1, 2, and 3). I did a quick mid-week update on this, but I am so glad I swapped my long run this past week for an earlier time on a less hilly route. I’ve definitely been feeling the summer heat/humidity this week, with average temps in the 80’s and a few rainy days. That said, it was a solid week of training–even though my paces seem to even out when I include warm-ups and cool-downs, I’ve been adding in some tempos and strides to mix things up a little bit.FullSizeRender (5)

I also got back to my favorite track workout this week! I really love the Nike+ track format–the workout this week was lots of short and fast repeats, which normally would lead me to go out way too fast, but having the pacers kept me in check. I even had some juice left for a full-on sprint at the end! It all ended with a pretty dramatic rainstorm, which just makes me feel a little bit more badass… and ready for a shower, obviously (see skeptical face).

Week 4:

  • Thursday: 5 miles at 8:36 pace
  • Friday: 10 miles at 8:20 pace
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: 3 mile recovery run with J at 9:02 pace
  • Monday: 4.7 miles with miles 3-4 at tempo, 8:14 average pace
  • Tuesday: Track! 5.2 miles total, with the workout averaging a blistering 6:08
  • Wednesday: 4 miles, 8:41 average
  • Thursday: 6.1 mile progression run + strides, 8:17 average

    Summer rain = pretty skies!

I can’t wait to finally be in town for the weekend! I have my 14 mile long run on tap, along with a bachelorette evening for one of my besties and a 30th birthday party for another. J and I are planning on a low-key 4th, given all of the traveling that we’ve been doing, but we’ll definitely sneak over to watch the fireworks.

Happy 4th, everyone! I’ll be back this weekend with my favorite summer breakfast recipe. Stay tuned!

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Weekending + tailoring marathon training to your busy schedule

IMG_9405After a busy couple of months of weddings, racing, and travel, I finally got up to my favorite place in the world this weekend–my family’s little cabin in Maine. My favorite thing to do up there? Absolutely nothing 🙂 Just a whole lot of sitting by the lake, reading, swimming, and hanging out with the fam. We actually had a little bit of unexpected excitement when we discovered a family of flying squirrels had nested inside our roof, so there was a lot of running around and some nasty clean out. Never a dull moment…

The one challenge I have going to up to Maine is that the local roads are SUPER hilly, and they don’t have much in the way of sidewalks/shoulders/shade. Which is great for a hill workout, but less than ideal for a long run. So after an unnecessary amount of stressing out about it I decided to get my long run in on Friday morning before we left for the weekend. The problem was that I had 14-15 miles on the schedule, which is more than I can logistically fit in before getting to my desk at 8:30 a.m. So I made the decision to swap this week’s 14-15 with next week’s 10, and did my favorite 10-miler along the Charles. Next weekend I’ll be at home, and will have the time and energy for a long, flat run (the longest distance I will have covered since the NYC marathon!)

This led me to thinking about consistency and how important it is/isn’t to stick to a training plan. IMG_9399For me, the two most essential pieces of marathon training are getting in at least one “hard” workout and one “long” run every week. Beyond that, there is some flexibility–and you have to live your life and do what’s right for you. That said, marathon training is a commitment and takes a ton of time, energy, and planning. Especially at the beginning, it’s incredibly important to set yourself up for success by creating a routine of good habits. If you start off by skipping runs and slacking on workouts, you’ll pay for it later on (been there done that!) Like all good things in life, it’s all about finding the balance that works for you.

I’m also super excited that this past week was the first time I ran 6 days! J and I went for an easy 3 mile shakeout run on Sunday after taking Saturday off, and I felt super strong on my run this morning. More to come in my weekly recap later on this week!

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Chicago marathon training: weeks 1 & 2

image2 (2)
Listening intently. Trying to stay awake.

Howdy y’all! It’s been a busy few weeks kicking off wedding season with lots of travel, starting an intensive summer course at school, hectic times at work, and oh yeah… officially starting to train for the 2016 Chicago Marathon!

I switched up a lot of the pieces of training that didn’t work for me last year, and I couldn’t be happier I made the decision to join the Heartbreakers, a team based out of local stores Heartbreak Hill Running Company/South End Athletic Company. image1 (3)I absolutely loved the group I trained with last year but this new group offers lots more chances for speedwork, access to one of the best coaches in the biz, and some incredibly fast teammates who I know will push me in the way I need–all within a couple miles of my apartment. Plus, team members get tailored training plans with in-depth weekly guidance specifically for NYC and Chicago runners. And you can’t beat the swag! Even if I look like a nerd in trucker hats. #tinypeopleproblems

Given the fact that I’ve been doing a fair amount of running this winter/spring, I’m jumping right into an intermediate training plan. I know this may not sound like a big deal, but given that this is my only second marathon, it feels like a leap for me. However–I’ve been hitting PR’s in almost every recent race and feeling stronger than ever, so I think this is the right time to kick things up a notch. The plan has me running 6 days a week, which I’ll likely work up to slowly, but 5 has been feeling pretty good. Here’s a recap of how things have gone so far… I definitely need to work on varying my speed and taking the slow days slow, but I’m happy about a strong start.

The most beautiful day ever. NBD.
The most beautiful day ever. NBD.

Week 1 [plus a couple of bonus days]

  • Saturday: 10 miles @ 8:15 pace
  • Sunday: OFF
  • Monday: 3.8 miles @8:27 pace
  • Tuesday: Track! I don’t wear my watch for these, but I ran 1 mile to/from and we did warm ups, drills, and then 200 @ mile, 400 @ 5k, 800 @ 10k, 1600 @ marathon, 800 @ 10k, 400 @ 5k, and 200 @ best. Plus some corework for good measure. Appx. 5 miles total. Woof!
  • Wednesday: 5 miles @ 9:28 pace (recovery run with the work crew)
  • Thursday: 5.5 super windy miles @ 7:59 pace (miles 3-4 @ 10k pace–7:11 and 7:26)
  • Friday: Hip Hop Yoga @ Yogaworks Back Bay
  • Saturday: 10 hilly miles @ 8:12 pace
  • Sunday: OFF

Week 2 [so far]

  • Monday: 5 miles @ 8:17 pace
  • Tuesday: 5 miles @ 8:30 pace
  • Wednesday: 3 miles @ 8:30 pace (to and from 60 minute of yoga)

I’m having a lot of fun documenting my training on Strava and Instagram (#leahrunschicago), so feel free to join me either place to follow along on my training journey. I look forward to lots more marathon-related posting–where I’ll talk a little bit more (teaser alert) about why this is my year to aim to qualify for Boston (eek!!!)


The best places to run in Boston

Sunset gawking at Jamaica Pond

I have had the unfortunately common young adult experience of moving every year since I graduated from college. So far, I’ve lived in Somerville, Cambridge, Brookline, JP, and Fenway–where I have thankfully signed on for a second year of my lease. Even though moving is THE WORST, one of the pluses is that I’ve gotten to explore lots of different running routes in and around the city. Below is an overview of my six favorite runs in different neighborhoods, with some photographic temptation to help get you out the door. I’ve also included some notes on where to find water fountains and restrooms… so hydrate it up for those long runs!

11356970_404836979724246_630599518_nIn JP, head to Jamaica pond and the Arnold Arboretum, which are both part of the Emerald Necklace. This gorgeous series of parks/green spaces around Boston provides an incredible backdrop for your runs! When I lived in JP, I ran around the pond almost every morning and absolutely loved it. If you want to get your hill training on, head to the arboretum, where the well-marked paths will lead you up a couple of pretty steep hills (keep an eye out for some sweet skyline views). Major bonus–there are tons of water fountains in the warmer seasons! Public restrooms are also available at the pond 🙂

  • Hilly: Yes
  • Separated path: Yes
  • Cleared in winter: Sometimes 

    Pictures of strangers are cool, right?

In Brookline/Brighton, I love the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. This little gem is a 1.5 mile dirt/gravel loop around a reservoir, just outside of Cleveland Circle. The separated path gives your knees some welcome relief and the views just can’t be beat. Bonus tidbits: this is a really easy add-on to a longer run up Beacon Street from Coolidge Corner, and it can also continue up Commonwealth Avenue to the Newton hills (see below). Hit up the Starbucks in Cleveland Circle for an easy bathroom option.

  • Hilly: No
  • Separated path: Yes
  • Cleared in winter: No

If you want a challenge in Coolidge Corner, head up Summit Ave. One of the steepest hills in the area, Summit will get your heart pumping and your quads burning. If you want to attempt this one with a group, November Project runs free workouts here every Friday. There’s a super clutch water fountain at the top of the hill.

  • Hilly: YES
  • Separated path: No
  • Cleared in winter: Sometimes

    Good lookin’ even in stormy weather

In Cambridge/Boston, you can’t miss the Charles River Path. One of the most iconic runs in the city, this path is endlessly customizable and offers some of the best skyline and sunset views in the city. Click here for a helpful map with distances and bridges noted. In season, there are plentiful water fountains/bathrooms and the esplanade section is well-lit for nighttime runs.

In Somerville/Arlington and beyond, I love the Minuteman Bike Path. A fantastic route for your longer runs, this path runs 10+ (mostly flat) miles out to Bedford. Click here for maps and other info. I did both my 18 and 21 milers along this route and really appreciated the shade in the summer! If you veer off the path there are restrooms at lots of businesses along the way, along with public restrooms at the turnaround in Bedford.

  • Hilly: No
  • Separated path: Yes (but watch out for cyclists)
  • Cleared in winter: No

    Blue skies, clear hearts… can’t lose!

In Newton, head up the famous Newton hills. If you’ve heard of a little race called the Boston Marathon, you’ve probably heard of Heartbreak Hill. What makes Heartbreak so tough is that it’s part of a series of hills stretching from mile 17 to about mile 21 of the race. Even if (like me) you’re not training for Boston, this is a GREAT place to run! The separated “carriage lane” on Comm Ave is pretty much taken over by runners on the weekends, making for a really fun atmosphere all year long. There is an awesome private home with a water fountain just past Lowell Ave. and restrooms at the Newton Public Library.

  • Hilly: Yes
  • Separated path: No, but when you run in the carriage lane it can feel like it
  • Cleared in winter: Yes

Where are your favorite places to run in Boston? Let me know where I should check out next!

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