Chicago marathon training: week 7

IMG_9721So… this update has to start off with a little bit of less than awesome news. During my run on Wednesday I felt something funny tweak in my hip, and since then I’ve been dealing with some soreness in what I think is my TFL (tensor fasciae latae). I was supposed to run a local 5k today but I’m going to take today and tomorrow off in order to hopefully get things back in order in time for my long run this weekend. Here’s hoping ice, foam rolling, ibuprofen, and stretching will do the trick!!

sunset.blogIn order news, I had a lovely and relaxing long weekend in Maine with my mom. Even though she lives down the street it’s always nice to get to spend some really good quality time together, complete with reading, lake swimming, and some late season strawberry picking. She even set an early alarm on Saturday to take a bike ride while I did my long run! Be sure to follow along on the insta for more on all of my adventures in Maine and beyond.

I was able to get in runs all three days we were up at the cabin, and then I got back to town in time for a tough track session. I’m having so much fun with these workouts–I even may have found a new Chicago training buddy who runs my pace! Like I’ve mentioned, getting to feel comfortable and meet new people in these big group workouts takes some time and effort, but it’s 100% worth

Week 7:

  • Friday: 5.6 miles at 8:42 pace
  • Saturday: 11 miles with a fast finish, 8:27 average
  • Sunday: 2.5 miles at 9:30 pace
  • Monday: 4.2 miles at 8:22 pace, 6 x strides
  • Tuesday: Track! 6×200 @ 5k, 4×300 @ mile, 2×400 @ 5k, 1×800 @ best, interspersed with burpees, planks, and mountain climbers
  • Wednesday: 5.5 miles at 8:47 pace
  • Thursday: 60 minute yoga/OFF

This past week was a cutback week, meaning that the mileage was a little bit lower and the long run was a little bit shorter. This weekend I have a 16 mile long run on tap, and the weather is looking pretty toasty, so it’ll be an early morning wake-up for sure. Here’s hoping my hip situation clears up quickly–anyone have any tips/advice for great frontal-outer hip stretches?

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4 thoughts on “Chicago marathon training: week 7

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  2. I hope your hip recovers quickly! My IT bands on one side of my hip have caused trouble in the past and I found some stretches that really help (deep lunges, butterfly stretch) and PLANKS! Planks have kept my hips from hurting now! Though your hip troubles are in a different spot… So I’m not super helpful. Get better quick!

    I love that your mom went for a long bike while you ran! My dad used to bike alongside me during some long runs and I loved it. The time together was really special 😍

    Amy @

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! It seems like doing some targeted stretching and foam rolling is doing the trick for now–those pesky IT bands can be a real pain in the hip 😉 It was awesome to have my mom come out with me–sounds like such a lovely time with your dad. It’s amazing how running brings people together!

  3. It sounds like a lovely weekend in Maine with your Mom. That’s a beautiful picture of the lake. It was sweet of her to ride her bike while you ran too. I hope your hip problem resolves itself soon. It’s wonderful you met someone you can run with. Thanks for linking!

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