Weekly recap: back to marathon training!

Guess what, guys? I ran FIVE days this week, including a speed workout and a long run in the double digits! I feel like I’m finally back in the swing of things and am comfortable saying I’m actually in training for the Charles River Marathon. I felt surprisingly good after last weekend’s trail race, so I hit up the track this week and really felt like I was flying at the end of a tough workout. I won’t be on the track as much once I’m digging into distance training, so this was a fun treat. Wednesday I think some soreness caught up to me and I felt pretty yucky during my easy run, but it was my last chance to run with Denise while she was in town.

Thursday I wanted to get in an 8 mile run, but I just wasn’t quite there yet. I did get in 6.5 miles and strides, which is the most I’ve done on a weeknight in ages. Again, it was hot and humid, so I was really happy with this run. Saturday I was trying to wait out the humidity and ended up running in the rain for about 4 miles. I felt pretty good and ended up with some strong tempos (7:37, 7:22) on a hilly route. Coupled with an awesomely challenging hot yoga class, I slept like a baby Saturday night 🙂 Sunday I woke up to PERFECT running weather and breezed through a solo 11 miler. I think it’s safe to say I’m getting back to it!!

I also have a couple of big things in the works running-wise and life-wise. Life update is coming next week–sorry for the teaser, but I promise it’s super exciting and that I’m not pregnant 🙂 Running-wise, I’m doing a trial with a new coach! I’ll have more on that soon, but it’s someone local which I think could work really well for me.

Weekly total: 30.6 miles

  • Monday: off (post-race rest day)
  • Tuesday: Track!! 4 x 200, 2 x 400, 2 x 800, 2 x 400, 4 x 200 for 3.9 total
  • Wednesday: AM-4.1 easy miles, PM-75 minute hot yoga class
  • Thursday: 6.5 hot miles with strides
  • Friday: PT exercises and foam rolling
  • Saturday: AM-75 minute extra steamy hot yoga, PM-5 tempo miles in the rain
  • Sunday: 11 mile long run

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10 thoughts on “Weekly recap: back to marathon training!

  1. I used to like taking hot yoga, but I stopped when summer comes. It is so hot and humid outside during my runs that I don’t want to go inside somewhere where it is too. If I am going inside it better be in air conditioning…haha. Good job on your runs!

  2. That’s some total, I know the feeling. I have started training for a marathon in the UK, going to blog a bit too. I think I am only up to 20m per week yet….but it will come. Best of luck

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