Chicago marathon training: week 4

IMG_9461Hard to believe it, but I’m recapping the first full month of Chicago Marathon training! (Click here for my recaps of weeks 1, 2, and 3). I did a quick mid-week update on this, but I am so glad I swapped my long run this past week for an earlier time on a less hilly route. I’ve definitely been feeling the summer heat/humidity this week, with average temps in the 80’s and a few rainy days. That said, it was a solid week of training–even though my paces seem to even out when I include warm-ups and cool-downs, I’ve been adding in some tempos and strides to mix things up a little bit.FullSizeRender (5)

I also got back to my favorite track workout this week! I really love the Nike+ track format–the workout this week was lots of short and fast repeats, which normally would lead me to go out way too fast, but having the pacers kept me in check. I even had some juice left for a full-on sprint at the end! It all ended with a pretty dramatic rainstorm, which just makes me feel a little bit more badass… and ready for a shower, obviously (see skeptical face).

Week 4:

  • Thursday: 5 miles at 8:36 pace
  • Friday: 10 miles at 8:20 pace
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: 3 mile recovery run with J at 9:02 pace
  • Monday: 4.7 miles with miles 3-4 at tempo, 8:14 average pace
  • Tuesday: Track! 5.2 miles total, with the workout averaging a blistering 6:08
  • Wednesday: 4 miles, 8:41 average
  • Thursday: 6.1 mile progression run + strides, 8:17 average

    Summer rain = pretty skies!

I can’t wait to finally be in town for the weekend! I have my 14 mile long run on tap, along with a bachelorette evening for one of my besties and a 30th birthday party for another. J and I are planning on a low-key 4th, given all of the traveling that we’ve been doing, but we’ll definitely sneak over to watch the fireworks.

Happy 4th, everyone! I’ll be back this weekend with my favorite summer breakfast recipe. Stay tuned!

Linking up with The Weekly Wrap, hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. Thanks, ladies!

11 thoughts on “Chicago marathon training: week 4

  1. Gabby

    The heat has been killing me too! I guess I should get used to it since it is only July. Good luck on the rest of your training!

    1. Haha agreed–August is going to be the tough one! Definitely good motivation to get up nice and early before it gets too toasty. Thanks so much–good luck with your training as well!

  2. It sounds like you had a very strong training week. I bet that rain shower also felt refreshing. I’m definitely not going to be concerned with hills as I start my Chicago training this week. I hope you enjoyed your weekend in town. Thanks for linking with us Leah.

  3. Happy 4th! Sounds like a great week of training! I’ll be running Chicago too for my first full marathon and I’m excited! Sounds like a busy but fun upcoming weekend! Have fun!

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