Chicago marathon training: week 5

IMG_9529Greetings from another week of marathon training–I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Jeremy was out of town hiking the last of the 48 4000+ ft. mountains in NH (and he did it–YAY J!) so I had a quiet start to the weekend with a solo 14 miler. It definitely was my best training run so far this season–everything really just clicked for me and I felt strong and happy the whole time. It helped that it was a gorgeous morning with temps in the 60s the whole run. I’m really loving running on the Boston marathon route, since it takes me out into my hometown and works a few hills into my training.

We had a awesome rest of the weekend complete with sunsets, fireworks, hanging out in the sunshine, and giant ice cream sundaes to celebrate our athletic achievements (after which we always try to immediately consume all of the calories we burned off, obvs.) IMG_9523

On Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early (even after staying up for the 10:30 fireworks!) all ready to go to track–and looked out the window to find it was POURING rain. Womp womp. I did get my run in later in that day, but that meant I was left to do speedwork by myself for the first time this training cycle. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but I generally enjoy running alone–except for speedwork. So this one was a bit of a mental battle, but the workout had a lot of variety and I’m happy I got through it. It definitely showed me that I need to work on being able to identify my own effort levels to learn, for example, what a 5k pace feels like vs. a 10k pace.

Here’s the full weekly recap!

Red, white, and blue sunsets for the fourth!

Week 5:

  • Friday: 2 miles at 9:05 pace
  • Saturday: 14 miles at 8:13 pace
  • Sunday: 90 minute yoga class/OFF
  • Monday: 3 miles at 9:02 pace + 6 strides + core
  • Tuesday: 5 miles at 8:18 pace, 60 minute yoga class
  • Wednesday: Speedwork! Warmup, 2 miles @10k, 2 min rest, 1.5 min @ 5k w/ 30 sec rest x4, cooldown
  • Thursday: 4 miles + 10 strides

This weekend we’re off for a whirlwind trip to Portland for the Old Port Half Marathon and then to NH for my dear friends Em and Aaron’s wedding (I originally set them up, so this is an extra special one for me!)

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4 thoughts on “Chicago marathon training: week 5

  1. I have to say, I’m a little jealous of the cool weather you had for your long run. It’s hard for me to be happy or positive when the feels-like is over 90. LOL. Good luck with your half marathon this weekend. That is a very cool sunset picture for the 4th. Thanks for linking!

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