Chicago marathon training: week 9

IMG_9848Another week down, another weekend away! I spent last weekend down the Cape for a high school friend’s bachelorette. Despite the lack of sleep, I managed to sneak in a 14 miler along the course of my first Ragnar Cape Cod leg, which was a fun blast from the past. It was interesting to do a super flat long run–I’ve realized I actually like how hills break up the monotony, so I’m hoping to keep my long runs on the flatter side moving forward to get ready for Chicago. The weekend was super fun–I’m so grateful to have a lovely group of friends who I’ve known for so long.

To the beach!

The temps have been much friendlier this week, but unfortunately it’s been pretty humid so not a ton of relief is in sight. August is definitely the longest slog of marathon training, as the temps get higher and the runs get longer. It’s the perfect time to bring in reinforcements, so this weekend I’ll be doing a long run with some of the track girls and I manage to drag J on a run at the end of last week. I even recruited a work friend to her first track session–hopefully she doesn’t hate me too much after that 😉

As to my other goal for marathon training part two, I’m super pleased to be upping the mileage and feeling good doing it. IMG_9847The keys for me are keeping my Fridays easy, my Sundays empty, and lots of self care in between (aka yoga and massages!) I got my first massage of training this week at the new-to-me Soul Flower Wellness. Bostonians, if you’re looking for a place Laska was amazing!! I was super proud when she told me my IT bands were in pretty good shape, but holy moly did she go to town on my back and glutes. It’s always something–gotta keep up the stretching, corework, and foam rolling for sure.

Pre-run cheese

This week is a particularly special one since J and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary. Happiest of happies to my number one fan–I’m SO lucky to have you in my life!!

Week 9:

  • Thursday: PM 90 minute yoga (AM run recap listed last week)
  • Friday: easy 3 miler with J
  • Saturday: 14 miles with a fast finish, 8:29 average
  • Sunday: OFF
  • Monday: 5 miles at 8:39 pace
  • Tuesday: Track! See Strava for workout details, speedwork at 6:25 average, 90 minute yoga
  • Wednesday: 4 miles at 8:40 pace
  • Thursday: 2 mile w/u, 2 miles at tempo (7:14, 7:00, 7:50), 1.5 mile c/d

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