Why I’m NOT #sheddingforthewedding

Not my actual dress. But it was a contender :)
Not my actual dress. But it was a contender 🙂

When I was looking for wedding dresses, I had just run the Chicago Marathon and was feeling pretty fab in everything I tried on. When it came down to it, I had to choose between two sizes for the dress–one that would be pretty big but with lots of extra room, and one that fit with just a bit of room to spare. While I knew I was at my racing weight, I chose the smaller size–not because I plan on any crazy body transformation but because I know myself well enough to know that my weight will stay within a reasonable range of where I was at that time.

2009 on the left, 2017 on the right.

By way of background…. body image is obviously a huge issue and I’ve had my struggles with it, especially before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009 and before my love affair with running really took off in 2012. Junior year of college I was carrying around 12 extra pounds–which was a fair amount on my 4’11” petite frame. While I’m grateful that my lifestyle now keeps me at a healthier weight, I’m sure that I’ll never have rock solid abs or cellulite-free thighs. And I am SO ok with that–I love to exercise but not to excess, and I love to eat but try to eat nourishing foods most of the time. I also unapologetically have dessert every night, and that’s not ending any time soon 🙂

I’ve seen a pretty crazy number of friends and bloggers take on intense fitness challenges and strict diets before their weddings. This drives me bananas for several reasons. First, if you lose a ton of weight before your wedding you will look like a different person in the pictures!! I find this so bizarre–I wouldn’t want pictures all over my house of an unrealistic version of myself. Second, who the eff cares how much you weigh on your wedding day, other than you?

Pre-wedding fitness!
Pre-wedding fitness!

You will be surrounded by people who love you, you’ll have a professional photographer who will make sure you look fab, and what makes you the most beautiful is being happy and healthy and confident. Also, wedding planning is stressful enough. If you’re always freaking out about dieting, you’ll be adding unnecessary stress.

I actually think everyone should have some kind of a fitness plan during wedding planning–because it reduces stress and helps make sure you fit it into your schedule. But just like with any fitness plan, make it enjoyable and sustainable. Jeremy and I added in a fun twist where we challenged each other to try something we’ve never done before–I had to do a November Project stadium workout and he has to run a 10k. Even better–he’s running a 15k (overachiever much?) when I run Sugarloaf in May!

Stepping off my soapbox now. I can’t wait to get married in 206 days and to enjoy lots of treats and lots of running between now and then!

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