Sugarloaf Marathon, here I come! #bqorbust

Save the date sneaky peek

Hey friends! I’m back with a wee little update on my 2017 goals, which have changed a fair amount since I last posted about them. First and foremost, I did some hard thinking/planning and decided that if I want to run a marathon in the next year or two, this spring is really the best time–since fall 2017 and spring 2018 are both out due to my wedding and honeymoon (I know, rough life!)

So of course, the next step was to figure out which marathon to run! I did a lot of reflecting after both New York and Chicago, and I knew this time around I wanted something small and not too far away. I immediately thought of the Sugarloaf Marathon, which was where my brother ran his first BQ in 2014. I actually ran the 15k that year and loved it, which is a good sign since it’s last 9 miles of the marathon course. Sugarloaf known as a fast net downhill race and a great place to BQ. Plus, it’s within driving distance and near our cabin (where J and I are getting married in September). It’s also in May in Maine, which usually brings some nice cool weather. Sold, sold, sold!


The other thing I’ve been threatening to do for a while is to bite the bullet and hire a running coach to help me reach my goals. I did some poking around online and ended up entering a giveaway for a 2 week coaching trial from Laura over at This Runner’s Recipes. I’ve been reading her blog for years and I think she provides some of the smartest, sanest, most well-researched running advice out there. Plus, she ran an incredibly well-executed BQ marathon at CIM this December–basically, she ran the race I hoped to run in Chicago.

When I didn’t win the giveaway, Laura offered a free coaching trial anyway and I loved it. I’ll go in-depth in another post, but having a coach has been fantastic–it takes all of the guesswork and planning out of marathon training! I know the plan I’m following makes sense for my background and my goals. Laura has been really flexible in incorporating my group runs and races into my plan. Here’s a quick overview of what the last few weeks have looked like–not sure if I’m going to officially call it marathon training just yet, but I’m easing into ramped up mileage and getting ready for my half in March.

Learning to SLOW DOWN.

Week 1: 31 miles

  • Monday: 3.5 recovery miles + strides
  • Tuesday: Track workout (details here), 6.4 miles total
  • Wednesday + Thursday: Rest (fighting off a cold, boo)
  • Friday: 4 easy
  • Saturday: 10 easy
  • Sunday: 5 mile race (7 total with warmup, race recap here)

Week 2: Cutback week! Lots of easy miles, 30 total

  • Monday: 60 minutes of yoga and 3 very slow recovery miles
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 5.6 easyimg_1521
  • Thursday: 4 easy
  • Friday: 4.3 treadmill miles on “rolling hills”
  • Saturday: 13 slushy, cold miles
  • Sunday: 90 minute yoga

I’m hoping to get back into my weekly marathon training updates–I really enjoy reading everyone else’s and hope mine are helpful too. It’s going to be so fun to jump back into some really strategic training and finally get that BQ I know I’m ready for! Round 3 here we GO!!

Linking up with The Weekly Wrap and with Eat Pray Run DC for her training recap linkup!

15 thoughts on “Sugarloaf Marathon, here I come! #bqorbust

  1. runcanvas

    Good luck on your BQ! I am training for Boston this springs and also decided to hire a coach. Working with a coach has been a huge improvement to my training. I look forward to following your journey

  2. Welcome back to the Weekly Wrap! You changed the name of your blog, right? I think Laura is an excellent choice for a coach. Sugarloaf sounds like the perfect marathon. I love a good net downhill course. The fact you can drive and already have a cabin nearby is excellent. Sometimes the traveling to a marathon gets a little exhausting. Thanks for linking!

  3. So glad to have you in the Weekly Wrap!
    That Sugarloaf marathon sounds like just the right fit for you!
    I tell you I never used a coach before Holly and wow what a difference it has made. I loved being accountable for each and every run. I’m also finding that now that I’m in between coaching and doing runs on my own it is way harder to find the motivation.
    That is exactly what we want to hear about linking up with us, We love reading your training plans and seeing how everyone is different but yet have the same goals! Good luck with yours!

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