Chicago marathon training: week 11

sunriseGuess who just ran her first 40+ mile week?? This gal!! I’m super pleased with how things went this week overall–I definitely met both my goals to run with friends and to increase my overall weekly mileage.

This week kicked off as toasty as ever, and I’m glad I front-loaded the miles because my run buddies requested a Friday morning long run for our 18 miler. I was pretty hesitant about pushing that hard on a workday, but it was a quiet week and I decided to bite the bullet–always better to run with company for the longer hauls. We met up for a gorgeous sunrise and then hit it for a steady and strong run. These girls are so super encouraging, even when one of us is having a tough time–I’m so grateful to have them! The bonus is that we’re all running Chicago, so we have a lot of similar things to keep in mind. I love love love this post about how to wake up for morning workouts–if you don’t follow Ali’s blog, you totally should. She’s awesome. #fangirlstatus

Long run ladies!

I am also sooo sad that the Olympics are over! I get super deep into track (and gymnastics) nerd-dom for these couple of weeks and am always sorry to see them go. Tuesday we did a workout inspired by the indomitable Allyson Felix and then of course had to do a quick dive to the finish at the end of track 🙂 Check us out below–gold medals for all of those winners for sure.

Beach sunsets forever, pls.

The rest of the week flew by with lots and lots of catch-up sessions both with local friends and folks from out of town. It was so wonderful to see a couple of ladies who just make my soul sing. Special big ups to my friend M who gave me this incredibly helpful book. SO many good tips, if you’re also in the midst of wedding planning mania. J and I wrapped things up this weekend with some solid beach time at our friends’ house. I’m not generally a beach person but it felt great to chill out and spend some time with his old grad school crew.

Other things this week–Heartbreak Hill Running Company opened a new store in Cambridge, and as a member of the Heartbreakers team I got to try out a sneak preview class at their treadmill studio! It was a super fun change and a great way to sneak in extra hills and speedwork–definitely give it a whirl once they’re fully open to the public.

SpeedRun_8_16_16__MG_6850 (1)Week 11:

  • Monday: 7 miles at 8:30 pace
  • Tuesday: Track, obvs. 5.3 miles total with the speedwork @ 6:02 average (details here)
  • Wednesday: 4 hot’n’sweaty recovery miles at an 8:57 average
  • Thursday: 4 easy miles at 8:44 pace
  • Friday: Longest long run yet! 18 miles at an 8:19 average
  • Saturday: 90 minute yoga
  • Sunday: 4 miles with 6 long strides for an 8:09 average
  • Monday: 6 miles total including a treadmill class!

My big goal for the coming week is going to be to finally buy a new pair of kicks–my current pair have definitely hit their mileage limit and it’s time to break in a pair for the big race. Still deciding if I want to get refitted or stick with my Asics–updates to come soon!

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4 thoughts on “Chicago marathon training: week 11

  1. Congrats on a strong training week and reaching the 40 mile mark. Since I’m *ahem* “older”, I don’t plan to hit that mileage until a little later…and probably only twice before Chicago. You are so lucky to have such wonderful and encouraging friends in your life and to share runs with. Thanks for linking!

    1. It’s always important to train for your comfort level and your goals! This is definitely high mileage for me too, but I’m pretty committed to this being my year to qualify for Boston so hopefully safely bumping up the miles will help get me there. Thanks for hosting, as always!

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