Chicago marathon training: week 10

IMG_9946OH HAI! My recap is super duper not on schedule this week, but my head is still a little bit in the clouds with all of the wedding-y stuff so I’m going to keep blaming it on that for the time being. Either way, I’ve mostly been keeping up with my mileage despite the fact that Boston has been a freaking sauna for the last few weeks, so that’s a plus. I may shake up my schedule to post these weekly recaps on Sundays from here on out, mostly because it’s fun to revisit my long runs on my rest day. Also, Strava counts my weekly mileage totals from Monday-Sunday so that’s helpful.

These last couple of long runs were tough for different reasons. My 16.5 was supposed to be 17-18, but after a couple of nights of just not getting nearly enough sleep (dang engagement excitement and Opening Ceremonies shenanigans) I hit a major wall and didn’t have it in me to keep going. Thankfully I planned to do this run with some girls from track who are also running Chicago, so I definitely was able to feed off of their energy to keep the paces up.

IMG_9947This past weekend J and I were up at the cabin, where it was super duper humid but thankfully in the low 60s for my run on Saturday. As always, I struggled a bit with the lack of basically any flat terrain given the fact that I knew I had a fast finish long run on tap (aka each of the last 7 miles was supposed to be faster than the previous one). My splits weren’t quite as clean as I wanted them to be, mainly because I accidentally negatively split the entire run instead of just the end, but I’ll take it. J and I basically spent the rest of the weekend talking about wedding things and eating (#sorrynotsorry for all of the food pics, instafriends) and drinking mimosas. Not bad for a rainy-ish weekend!

Week 10:

  • Friday: 3 easy miles with J (SO EXCITED BUT ALSO DIDN’T SLEEP OOPS)
  • Saturday: 16.5 miles with the speedy track ladies at an 8:23 average
  • Sunday: 11 mile hike
  • Monday: 60 minute yoga/OFFIMG_9923
  • Tuesday: Track attack! 400s, 300s, 200s, and 100s–speedwork at 6:12 (details here)
  • Wednesday: 5.5 miles at 8:36 pace
  • Thursday: 6.5 miles with 10 minutes of 30 sec on/off intervals
  • Friday: 60 minute yoga and 3 easy miles with J
  • Saturday: 13 FAST finish miles for an 8:13 average
  • Sunday: OFF

Gripe of the week: since training started, I’ve had some gnarly recurring blisters on my right toes. Pretty much all toes have been afflicted at this point, but there’s one sucker on my big toe that’s so icky J and I have been referring to it as my “toe tumor” (he is SO thrilled to be marrying a lady with such attractive feet). I’m not sure if this is a shoe thing or a sock thing–I’m sure it indicates something funky with my gait but I figure it’s worth looking into gear/getting refitted for new kicks and seeing if that helps. It’s probably getting to time to replace my sneaks anyway (and get my marathon pair!) so I’ll keep y’all posted on that. Any blister avoidance tips are more than welcome.

Less than two months til MARATHON DAY!!!


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3 thoughts on “Chicago marathon training: week 10

  1. After developing a few nasty blisters during half marathons, someone turned me on to Trail Toes (Google it!). I swear by this stuff. I put it on all my hot spots. Works like a charm. Your Fast Finish splits are awesome! I admit I’m super jealous of you running in the low 60s! If only. Thanks for linking!

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