Running naked, and what’s next

Moonrise running!

I definitely am making my way out of a little bit of a post-marathon running slump. The post-race blues are definitely a real deal thing! I think the darker/cooler weather conditions have really just been killing my inclination to get out there–so I’m strategically planning out my next few months of running and racing to get back on my game, and maybe to even start thinking about another fall marathon next year…

In the meantime, my biggest goal for the past few weeks has been to rediscover running just for the sake of running. I’ve made a conscious  decision to run naked. And no, this doesn’t mean running without clothes! Come on you guys, Boston is chilly! It means trying to run without tracking technology–no GPS watches or tracking apps allowed. I’m even trying not to pre-plan my routes, which is totally out of my comfort zone. I have to say, it has been really nice just to go with the flow without worrying about splits, fueling, or pacing strategies.

That’s Megan in the middle. Hi Megan!

So, what’s next? A while back I signed up for my first Ragnar race with some of my friends and colleagues. While the race isn’t until May, I know the winter months can fly by. I’m guessing some of the longer legs are going to fall to me, so I want to be prepared to anchor my fantastic team! Also big ups to my girl Megan who is running the Boston Marathon and captaining our team–get it, girl 🙂

Since May is still a little far in the future, my pal Maura and I signed up for the Hyannis Half Marathon in late February (apparently running on the Cape is my new thing??) We actually were going to run this race as a marathon relay last year but it got snowed out, so fingers crossed for a slightly less crazy winter this year. Looking good so far, and I’m definitely looking forward to some longer days and less running in the dark. Can’t complain too much, though–on Saturday I went out for my first “long run” since the marathon and I saw some splits with 7’s in the front of them… who knew?? Does anyone else find they’re much speedier when they aren’t running are often, or is it just me?7 mile run

Happy trails, happy belated Chanukah, and merry merry Xmas!

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