Marathon thoughts–what I would do differently next time

Alright y’all–it’s time for some Thursday thoughts (linking up with Running with Spoons). Almost everyone I’ve talked to about the marathon has asked me the same question: would I do it again? I’ve flip-flopped a little bit on my answer, but now that it’s a big fat YES. Sure, the training schedule was tough, the last 5-ish miles of the race were pretty painful, and my right knee is still recovering.

I’m smiling because I’m running downhill!

But I have a couple of things to prove to myself and I really loved the whole training process (and of course, the endorphin high!) And because I’m super goal-oriented–I want that sub 4:00 marathon. After running by far my fastest half (1:46) during training, I know I can do it. So here’s my after-action review and what I will do differently for my next marathon.

More hills and speed: I was pretty laser-focused during this training cycle on counting miles–it was all about checking the box and getting in the specified mileage each day/week. I purposely chose a training plan that was mileage-based (this one, if you’re curious) and didn’t spell out when run hills or do speedwork… and then I ran a really hilly (or bridge-y) race. I did run my fair share of Newton hills during training but I wasn’t strategic about it, and I felt the effects of that during the race. Also, I just didn’t do speedwork. If I felt good on a shorter run I would push my pace, but I didn’t do intervals or sprints on the reg. Adding both intentional hill training and speedwork would definitely get me to the next level.

More strength training and core work: I think strength training is every runner’s secret weapon–and because of that, I did yoga at least once a week during training. The problem is that you never know what you’re gonna get in a yoga class, and it may not end up being what your body needs. Next time, I would love to have an at-home runner-focused strength circuit to commit to doing multiple times a week.

A personal training plan: Dovetailing off of the two points above, next time I’d hope to sit down (maybe even with a running coach) and make a plan that meets my particular needs and goals. I don’t think training is one size fits all, and a tailored plan would help me reach my goals and still stick to the things I know work for my body (lots of yoga, no more than 4-5 runs a week, during the week mileage that adds up to at least my total long-run mileage).

Post-marathon face

Not running a big city race: The NYC marathon was an incredible bucket list race, but traveling to a big city added a huge amount of time and expense. Next time I’d hope to try for a smaller, less logistically complicated race–I’ve heard across the board that small local races are the perfect places to PR. I guess that’s why so many people (like my speedy big bro) choose to BQ at teeny tiny races like the Sugarloaf marathon!

Not running for charity: I really loved running for the Celiac Disease Foundation (and thank you all SO much for your support) but fundraising on top of running is a huge added stressor–and this is coming from a professional fundraiser! I think next time around I’d like to focus more on running and less on money.

Boston Fit Post-Race Party!

The one thing I would definitely, 100% for sure do again? Train with a group! Having the built-in accountability and camaraderie of training with a group was absolutely essential. I’d recommend a group like Boston Fit to any first-time marathoner. I especially liked the flexibility of the program–it really worked for any fall marathon. Plus these peeps–what a rockin’ crew!

2 thoughts on “Marathon thoughts–what I would do differently next time

  1. Congratulations the marathon!!! This is my first time on your blog, but I am here to stay. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the guts to do a marathon, but you’re increasing my desire to do so! It’s so impressive and I admire your dedication to your goals!

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