My favorite blogs, part one: who to read and what to make!

There are several reasons I decided to start this blog. First and foremost, I get a ton of questions about being gluten free. Sometimes they’re related to which ingredients are/aren’t ok, sometimes it’s an overall curiosity because a friend/family member just got diagnosed, or sometimes people want to be able to bring a gf-friendly item to a party (you people are awesome, btw). The blog posts were basically writing themselves in the form of emails I kept sending and resending. So I figured, why not formalize this thing?

I’m also very, very familiar the number of gluten free food blogs that are already out there. If you want to make a gf version of your favorite baked good, type that into google or Pinterest and you’ll be stunned with how many gorgeous photos and fantastic recipes you come up with. What you won’t find a ton of, however, are real-life down-and-dirty accounts of just how plain hard it is to balance a gf lifestyle with other stuff. Just the usual: a demanding job, grad school, a tight budget, an exercise schedule, a social life, and a relationship. Phew! I’m super inspired by my voracious blog reading, and wanted to add my voice to the handful of awesome folks doing the same. I hope to be able to make the path towards a healthy, happy, gluten free Boston lifestyle a little bit easier for everyone out there. In that vein, I’m going to kick off a mini series sharing my favorite blogs, bloggers, and the recipes I’ve discovered in the blogosphere. Today I’m going to start with my top gluten friendly blogs–they’re not 100% gf, but they’re really wonderful and highly recommended. More to come in this series soon!

Chocolate Covered Katie

Katie is one of the most prolific bloggers out there–and you’ve got to hand it to her, her recipes are amazing. She specializes in “healthy” desserts, but branches out into breakfast and other meals too. I was officially a convert when I first made her chickpea blondies–which have a whole can of chickpeas in them and actually taste good! Give them a whirl and don’t tell your family they’re healthy–they’ll never know 😉

Secret chickpea blondies!
Secret chickpea blondies!

Chocolate and Carrots

Caroline is a master baker–her treats always look like they came out of a professional bakery. While her blog isn’t specifically gluten free, she makes a number of gluten friendly recipes that run the gamut from mains to desserts to smoothies. She has some great little tutorials, too, on things like tempering chocolate and decorating cupcakes. Don’t miss her cookie dough truffles!

Every day I’m truffling.

Kath Eats Real Food

Full disclosure: this is actually a blog I stopped following recently. It felt like it was veering more towards a baby blog than what I’m interested in. However, Kath is a registered dietitian and her site is a treasure trove of wonderful breakfast recipes. She and I share a mutual obsession with oats, and I discovered both baked and overnight oats through her blog. I ate this baked pumpkin oatmeal every. single. morning. for about two straight months this fall. #sorrynotsorry

Overnight oats! I added pumpkin. Because YUM.
Overnight oats! I added pumpkin. Because YUM.

Pinch of Yum

I have definitely plugged Lindsay’s blog before, and I’ll do it again–this lady does it all. Gorgeous photography, unique and tasty recipes, and a silly, irreverent tone you can’t help but love. A friend recently told me Lindsay writes the way that I speak–what a compliment!! But seriously, Pinch of Yum is the gold standard. The recipes aren’t specifically GF but many are easily adaptable. Don’t miss her spicy peanut chicken soba noodle salad (sub in rice noodles!)


Oh She Glows is another really popular (for good reason), top notch food blog. It’s actually vegan, which is usually not my thing, but dang can Angela make vegan food look friggin delish! Her recipes are very gf friendly and relatively simple–no crazy ingredients or epically complicated recipes up in here! On the same note about my love for oatmeal, her carrot cake oatmeal is as heavenly as the title says. Can’t wait to dive into this lady’s cookbook ASAP!

Carrot cake baked oatmeal
Carrot cake baked oatmeal

Hope this post was helpful! What are you favorite gluten friendly blogs to follow?

3 thoughts on “My favorite blogs, part one: who to read and what to make!

  1. This is also a lovely list! I can also suggest checking out The Vegan 8. I know, it’s another vegan blog, but she has a lovely list of gluten-free foods available:

    I mostly know vegan gluten-free blogs, since their recipes are the easiest to adapt to my own food issues. It has made me appreciate vegan foods a lot more, there’s so much more to them than one vegetable stew after another.

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