Being grateful for the little things

Living a gluten free lifestyle can get mega frustrating sometimes. Like when I order something that looks totally safe from a menu and it comes out with a big crumbly cookie shoved into it (be careful at Max Brenner!) Or when my friend’s college buddies use up my entire bag of GF bread to make sandwiches during a ski weekend. Or when I walk into the office kitchen to find every single surface covered in crumbs.

But sometimes, life throws you a really awesome gluten free surprise. So in the spirit of the new year, here are a few amazing things to be thankful for every time they come your way.

  1. A bread basket surprise: one of the toughest things about eating out GF is when you’re super hungry and the bread basket comes out. Commence hanger. Restaurants who have a GF bread option? #winning!

    Was served this delish focaccia at Elixir in White River Junction, Vermont--they're fabulous.
    Was served this delish focaccia at Elixir in White River Junction, Vermont–they’re fabulous.
  1. A just because surprise: you happened to be driving by a gluten free bakery and bought me a cookie?? You have won my undying love and affection forever.

    Thanks, coworkers :)
    Thanks, coworkers 🙂
  1. A dinner party surprise: I don’t like to make a huge deal about my dietary restrictions in groups. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. But I have some amazing friends who totally get it, and will make sure that some or all of the meal is GF/tell me exactly what I can or can’t eat without me having to describe my digestive function to all the other dinner party attendees. You guys are the best.
  1. A fellow Celiac surprise: Not being the only Celiac in the room is always lovely. Big ups to my GF besties (old and new)–thanks for being there and making me feel like I’m not alone!

    My GFF E and I went to Costa Rica and it was awesome. We ate all of the gluten free things.
  1. A restaurant surprise: I have occasionally stumbled upon a restaurant or bakery that unbeknownst to me has a huge GF menu and/or totally understands how to prepare delicious food without cross contamination. Like when my favorite brunch places (The Friendly Toast and Sound Bites) first casually offered to serve gluten free toast with my omelette and potatoes. Um, yes please!

    You and your pancakes forever have my heart, Friendly Toast
    You and your pancakes forever have my heart, Friendly Toast

I want to hear from you! What gluten free surprises make you the happiest? What are the little things you’re feeling most grateful for?

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