Sugarloaf training: week 13 (peak week!)

Y’all–peak week is over and the mini-taper officially begins!! I’m so, so proud to have gotten though four 50+ mile weeks in a row, topping out at 214 miles for the month of April. I’m also grateful for the lovely comments last week about not getting too caught up in the numbers. While this wasn’t quite my highest mileage week of training, I know I nailed both of my key workouts and kept the easy miles nice and easy. In fact, I didn’t even bat an eyelash when my “20 miler” was actually 19.58 miles. Who cares?? GPS watches are never 100% accurate and that extra .42 miles running up and down my block wouldn’t have added anything to my training.

The week started out pretty misty and rainy, which I actually kind of love. I turned off my podcast during an easy, foggy run just to spend some time in the mist and the quiet. I nailed a hard workout on Tuesday with two sets of 3 miles at HMGP–it felt really hard, but good, to see 7:28 for the first set and 7:23 for the second set! This week also had a bunch of easy/recovery miles, which I happily took extra easy given the tough workouts that were sprinkled in there. I especially loved that J and I managed to fit in a recovery run together on Wednesday–he’s killing his 15k training and mentioned that he might even consider a half soon!! Proud fiance alert!

Once the week cleared up it got really warm, so I pushed my long run from Saturday to Sunday and opted for a yoga class instead. I really miss my practice when I’m marathon training and can’t fit it in–I was soaked and sore from this one but it felt soooo good to get back to it. Sunday my girl Alexa was BACK and like a true badass, she joined me for 14 of my 20 mile workout–which included 2×3 sets of MGP miles. I’m so proud of her for running a strong Boston despite the weather, and love having her back on runs.

If you missed it, I wrote a post this week about working on my mental game with “I am, I can, I will statements”–it’s an amazing technique and really helped me get through the last set of MGP miles on my long run today. T-minus 3 weeks from today I’ll be done with Sugarloaf–I’m so excited to put all this hard work to the test!!

Week 13: 55.1 miles total

  • Monday: 8 easy
  • Tuesday: 2×3 miles at HMGP, 8.5 total
  • Wednesday: 4.8 recovery miles with J
  • Thursday: 8.1 easy
  • Friday: 6 easy
  • Saturday: 90 minute sweaty yoga
  • Sunday: 20 (well, 19.58) mile long run! 8 up, 3×3 miles at MGP, 1.5 down

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14 thoughts on “Sugarloaf training: week 13 (peak week!)

  1. It really sounds like you are well on track to doing so well at Sugarloaf! What a great training recap! I too am guilty of getting caught up in the numbers but adding those extra .42 miles would not have added anything significant to an already brilliant run. Well done!

  2. Sounds like the perfect approach to peak week and woohoo for making it through! I need to re-read your post after this weekend. I am psyching myself out on the bike and as soon as that “I can’t” slips out it’s all over.

  3. Congrats on a great week of training! You have a lot of guts to stop a 20 miler at 19.58 though… I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve stopped a run on a .8 (I would at least go to 19.6 haha). Still your training has been great, lots of quality mileage and not just mileage in there. Hope your taper goes well too!

    1. Haha I have to admit it has more to do with my being clueless about my Garmin than anything else (I had ended my set cooldown, so it ended the workout). Plus, I was at my front door 🙂 Thanks so much–I’m excited to taper!

  4. Hooray! You crushed your peak week! Your April mileage is very impressive too. Running in the fog and mist (as long as its cool) sounds very serene. Enjoy your taper time. Thanks for linking with us!

  5. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Wow, wonderful job! I love yoga and it’s always so refreshing to get back to class after missing a few weeks. I’ll have to check those mental game tricks!

  6. therightfits

    Great week! You made it to the taper 🙂 now just to stay healthy…avoid all sick people, haha!

    Wishing you all the luck in a few weeks!

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