Sugarloaf marathon training: week 12

I think this might be one of the quietest weeks in the Boston running world. I knew this was coming, but it’s strange to be ramping up when it seems like everyone else is in recovery. I’m definitely getting ready for the taper, but I’m not there quite yet–this was a big week with my longest long run and next week will be my “peak week” of training. Either way, I’m less than a month out from Sugarloaf, training smart, and feeling strong and healthy! WOOT. Also exciting: I only have 3 more classes left this semester, so after May 2 I have a glorious 2.5 week “break” before race day.

My mileage looks a little bit deflated this week since I threw off my schedule by skipping a rest day last weekend and taking it on Monday instead–meaning I ran all 7 days last week. Phew. And of course, my “day off” was Marathon Monday, so I was on my feet screaming and yelling all day 🙂 Sometimes I find myself getting a little bit too caught up on the numbers, but I know it’s about the bigger picture–and last year at this time I peaked at 43.6 weekly miles compared to the 50+ I’ve been running consistently this year, so I’m truly more ready than I’ve ever been.

A few weekly highlights were:

  • Seeing the Boston documentary! While there were some unnecessary tangents, it was really inspiring and fun to watch with lots of other running nerds.
  • A really strong tempo workout on Thursday, hitting a 6:47 at mile 8 of a tough run.
  • The March for Science on Saturday! Despite my legs being shot from my long run, it was amazing to get out there and protest–and the signs were HILARIOUS.

    Marching for science!

My training buddy/neighbor Denise, who is also running Sugarloaf, proposed that we do a “time on feet” run together on Saturday morning. This basically meant that we would run for 3 hours and 15 minutes at an easy pace, focusing on time vs. distance. Despite some cold drizzle, we had a great morning and did a little sprint in for 22.22 miles total. I felt a couple of little niggles near the end, but overall this was a strong run and I couldn’t have been happier to have the company.

Week 12: 49.6 miles total

  • Monday: OFF
  • Tuesday: Tempo day! Workout was 3 at MGP, 2 at HMGP, and 1 at 10k/threshold. Paces were 3 miles: 7:55, 2 miles: 7:29, 1 mile: 6:47 (!!!) for 9 total.
  • Wednesday: 4.6 recovery miles
  • Thursday: 5 easy miles + 3 at MGP for 8 total
  • Friday: 5.6 easy miles in the rain and a much-need massage
  • Saturday: Longest long run! Run by time for 3:15, which worked out to 22.2 miles.
  • Sunday: OFF/Vinyasa with deep relaxation yoga class

Linking up with The Weekly Wrap (hosted by Hoho Runs and Miss Sippipiddlin), with Eat Pray Run DC for her training linkup, and with the Jess’s (Jess Runs ATL and The Right Fits).

9 thoughts on “Sugarloaf marathon training: week 12

  1. Girly, you almost hit 50 miles this week WITH two days off. That’s pretty amazing (and I get it that you ran 7 days last week, sometimes life just works out like that with rest days and it’s okay- our body doesn’t necessarily know “week”, just days straight of running/stress/rest etc). Glad everything went well and your 3:15 run was good. I bet Boston was way quieter this weekend!

  2. therightfits

    What an amazing week! I’m exciting to follow you at Sugarloaf- you’re going to crush it! I have to assume the weather will be good, right? Maine seems like it would be.

    I saw the Boston documentary too and was feeling very motivated afterwards. What were the unnecessary tangents in your opinion?

    1. Thank you so much!! Yep, it’s pretty far up in Maine so HOPEFULLY the weather will be mild (you never know in New England, as you guys know for sure from last Monday!)

      I loved the documentary too and found it really motivating and moving!! I just felt like it could have used a bit more editing–the two odd pieces that stand out are the story of the female Japanese runner (did she run? did she win? what happened to her??) and the story line in Australia (super cool but seemed a little random).

  3. I’m hoping I can catch the documentary at a later date. Everyone has said great things about it. You’ve definitely had a strong training cycle. I think you will crush your marathon. I like the idea of running your long run using time instead of miles too! Thanks for linking!

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