Sugarloaf marathon training: week 10

Well, the Boston marathon is 1 week away and things are buzzing! I absolutely love living in such a mecca for runners and the atmosphere around the marathon is super special. This year, my goal is to let it feed and inspire my running, instead of letting myself fall prey to the jealousy monster. If all goes well, next year I’ll get to be a true part of the madness!

This week was another mileage test for me–I ran 52.9 miles total and truly didn’t feel any sluggishness at all! My major lesson learned in terms of adding mileage is to skew the additional miles towards easy/recovery runs. I’m really thriving with some harder workouts on Tuesdays/Thursdays, long runs on Saturdays, and keeping the rest nice and easy pace-wise.

I did hit the track this week–and of course, it was in the high 40s and pouring rain for our workout. Thank goodness for my girls and their gosh darn positivity for holding me accountable! It’s never ideal, but there is something about running in the rain that makes you feel like a real badass. Plus, you never know what kind of weather race day will bring–gotta be prepared for anything!

Another major highlight this week was really nailing my fueling during my first 20 miler of this training cycle! I got 3 gels down with no GI distress and felt perfectly hydrated throughout (thanks in no small part to adding Enduropacks to my water). I also ran the last 10 miles of this one solo, which was a good mental exercise for me since I’ve been doing most long runs with friends. On Sunday Alexa and I went to a really lovely workshop called “Be Race Ready” with one of my favorite yoga teachers/runners. We did some gentle yoga and meditation using mantras and other calming techniques. It really helped me to focus on trusting my training–I’m working so hard and it’s SO important to keep my mind in the game along with my legs!

So what’s on tap for my marathon weekend? First off, lots of runs in shorts this week–it’s going to be lovely out! I’m also planning to head to the expo with Alexa on Friday, Saturday I’m running a fun BAA 5k with my friend Megan who is visiting for the weekend, and then I’ll be volunteering at the mile 21 water stop yelling myself silly on marathon Monday. Can’t wait–best of luck to everyone who is running! You are all AMAZING!!! Also, happy Passover if you celebrate–go carb load with some matzoh balls 🙂


Week 10: 52.9 miles total

  • Monday: 7 easy + strides
  • Tuesday: Rainy track day! 7 miles total, speedwork at 6:56 (details here)
  • Wednesday: 5.1 recovery miles, banded strength circuit
  • Thursday: 1 up, 6 at MGP, 1 down–8 miles at 8:00 min pace
  • Friday: 5 easy with J
  • Saturday: 20 miles!
  • Sunday: “Be Race Ready” yoga/mental prep workshop with Cara

Linking up with The Weekly Wrap (hosted by Hoho Runs and Miss Sippipiddlin) and with Eat Pray Run DC for her training recap linkup. Also, joining the Jess’s (Jess Runs ATL and The Right Fits) for their weekly recap linkup!

13 thoughts on “Sugarloaf marathon training: week 10

  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Wow, great job with your mileage! It makes sense to have some easier/recovery miles in the mix. Boston looks like such an amazing experience, I hope you enjoy the atmosphere and volunteering!

  2. I just started following on strava :). Love it. So glad you’re doing the BAA 5K and also volunteering on the course (thanks for volunteering, and I know the runners there will appreciate it). You had a very strong week and will hopefully have a great marathon as well with the higher mileage and the speed workouts. I do agree with increasing mileage and just adding easy/recovery runs… if you add a mile or so to them, it really adds up at the end of the week and I’d rather do that than have a crazy long long run.

    1. Oh haaay! Just followed you back 🙂 Thanks for the training props–I’m hoping everything adds up for my marathon! It’s crazy re: Boston volunteering–it’s actually hard to secure a volunteer slot, so I’m holding onto mine as long as I’m not running. I think it’s super important to understand how integral volunteers are to a race!

  3. Are you following the Hansons plan? The schedule you describe is basically how Hansons works. I love it so much. Enjoy the BAA 5K and the Marathon. I’m SOOOO SAD I couldn’t swing the trip this year!

  4. therightfits

    They say 80% of your weekly mileage should be easy 🙂 Especially important as you up the miles.

    Strong week and maybe I will see you at mile 21!!!

  5. Alaina @ thesimplepeach

    I completely agree about easy miles. If you add a couple here and there it can make all the difference when you total everything up. Have fun at the race!

  6. How cool that you are volunteering and Mile 21!! Maybe next year I’ll sign my daughter up to volunteer! I know she’d enjoy it. She’s running the 5k and I’ll be running Mondsy.💙💛💙

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