Sugarloaf marathon training recap: week 4

img_1598Wow–what a week! I was feeling a little bit down after last week’s treadmill slogs, but this week perked me right back up with some beautiful (albeit really scarily warm) weather. I busted out the shorts multiple times and even got TAN LINES on Saturday. Yikes, people–how is this February??

To rewind a bit, I kicked things off Monday morning with an easy spin around my favorite loop on the Charles. Tuesday I skipped some short/speedy stuff at track for a more marathon-specific tempo workout that was a 1 mile warmup and 6 miles at marathon goal pace (MGP). The target range was 7:55-8:05, and I ended up running a 7:49 average–it felt SO amazing to be back out on the roads at a challenging but comfortable pace! I think I needed this confidence boost after having to cut my speedwork short on the dang dreadmill last week.

img_1618After a tough hip-focused yoga class Wednesday and some recovery miles Thursday, I hit up November Project on Friday with J for a hill workout. We did “full frontal” hill repeats on Summit Ave, which is a .4 mile hill that varies from a 7-8% to a 16-17% incline. This hill is KILLER–in just 4 hill repeats, I climbed 735 feet. For reference, I will climb 942 feet during the entire 26.2 miles at Sugarloaf. I was proud of myself for running the entire time, but I was feeling this in my hip flexors like whoa. Also, I swear that Jeremy is the one who enjoys this torture! I just automatically revert to a corny peace sign pose when faced with a camera. *facepalm*

Saturday I had 16 easy miles on the books, and I knew I was going to need some company to get through it. So J and I met my brother Ari the first 6 miles together, then Ari and I ran the next 8, and I finished up the final couple by myself. The weather was really hot (close to 70 degrees) and I was drained by the end of the run. It’s good to get used to all kinds of weather conditions–you never know what you’ll get on race day!

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to commit to strength training and taking a full rest day once a week. We’ll see how I do! Full recap below:

“Holy moly why is it so hot??”

Week 4: 38.5 total miles

  • Monday: 5.8 easy miles
  • Tuesday: 1 up, 6 miles at MGP
  • Wednesday: Yoga class
  • Thursday: 4.2 easy
  • Friday: 5.4 miles of hills
  • Saturday: 16 miles
  • Sunday: Rest!

Linking up with The Weekly Wrap (hosted by Hoho Runs and Miss Sippipiddlin) and with Eat Pray Run DC for her training recap linkup. Also, joining the Jess’s (Jess Runs ATL and The Right Fits) for their weekly recap linkup!

9 thoughts on “Sugarloaf marathon training recap: week 4

  1. I found you on Courtney’s linkup and started following your blog! I love the title of your blog because I’m small too :).

    I have some friends who are running Sugarloaf and I am a little jealous from what I’ve heard. It seems like a nice race. Looks like you had a great week of training and so glad you were able to run in shorts for most of it!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by–love following your blog as well. Us shorties gotta stick together! I can’t wait for Sugarloaf, it’s such a nice spot and hopefully will be the right race for my BQ 🙂

  2. Great week of mileage and awesome job with the 16 miler! Longer runs are always so much better with company!

    Had some unseasonably warm weather at the weekend too(it was quite windy still from the storm we got) – I got out crops and a t-shirt and it was lovely.. though we’re back to wind and lots of rain now! It just won’t make up its mind!

  3. I think it’s a pretty smart decision to commit to strength training and taking a rest day. Both of those things will pay off on race day. I’m very impressed with your hill training this week. That’s a very steep incline to run on. Thanks for linking on the Weekly Wrap!

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