Five summer running must-haves (for ladies)

On a sunny spring day in Boston, it finally feels like it’s ok to start thinking about summer running. I absolutely LOVE running during the shoulder seasons in New England, but the hot weather is going to come and this year I’ll be prepared. I’m generally not someone who deals well with heat, so I learned quickly last summer what to wear to avoid scary sweaty chafe-y discomfort. Here are my top five summer running essentials for my fellow ladies–I’d love you hear about yours in the comments!a056b8a5cf153afb69b95e25a159df60

  1. A dry-fit hat: I got my Nike hat on sale a few years ago and it is amazing! It wicks a little bit of sweat and keeps me from having to squint too much on days when I don’t want to wear sunglasses. Word to the wise–pick a light color. Black not only soaks up extra heat, but it shows sweat lines like whoa.
  2. Super duper lightweight tops: I have a couple of tissue thin tanks from Athleta that I LOVE for hot long runs. The style I have isn’t currently available but I definitely recommend something light and preferably white for the hottest days. Someday I’ll have the balls to just run in a sports bra, but this will do until then 😉
  3. A sports bra that breathes: Speaking of bras, it is essential to have a good one in the summer. I am blessed/cursed with a couple of not so teeny ladies and have found Moving Comfort’s Rebound Racer to be an total game changer. MC’s bras are designed by female runners and are thin and breathable (I hate thick padding) while still holding you in place for the long haul. And not one chafing issue since I’ve made the switch!!IMG_8578
  4. Long compression shorts: Short shorts may look super cute, but hot damn, nothing burns more than the ensuing chafing. I’ve made the switch to a longer compression short and haven’t looked back once. Plus, these Old Navy ones are still short enough that I stay nice and cool.
  5. A flipbelt (or hydration belt for longer runs): I used to run with a big, clunky armband for my phone, and recently switched it out for a flipbelt, which is made of comfy stretchy fabric that you wear around your hips. I pinky swear you can’t even tell you’re wearing it–no bouncing AT all. I wore this during the NYC marathon last year and didn’t even know it was there.

Are you ready for summer running?? It’s coming in fast and hot!!

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