How to stay active in Boston in the winter

Hey fellow frozen Bostonians! I hope you’re all surviving this crazy snowy winter we’ve been having. As someone who has always lived in a cold/snowy place, I am a firm believer that everyone should have at least one fun activity to look forward to in the winter. Here are my favorite ways to stay active in the winter, both indoors and outdoors. We have all this snow–let’s get out there and enjoy it!!

Ice skating with the fam
Ice skating with the fam

Ice skating

If you haven’t gone ice skating since you were a kid, now is the time to give it a second try. There are tons of places to check out in the city, many of which are cheap or free. So skip the touristy frog pond and give them a go! We love the Kelly Rink in Jamaica Plain (free skating and $2 rentals) and you can check out this list from for other ideas.

Downhill skiing

Bluebird day at Cannon Mountain
Bluebird day at Cannon Mountain

I’m actually a born and bred cross-country skier (varsity high school team captain–yes, competitive x-c skiing is a thing), but J is a huge snowboarder and I have really come to love downhill skiing over the past few years. It’s definitely a pricey hobby, but if you keep an eye on liftopia you can get some good deals. Plus, if you’re a student, the multi-mountain passes are super affordable! We got this one, but there are a bunch more out there.

Nordic skiing

If downhill isn’t your thing, which I totally get, absolutely consider giving x-c (or nordic) skiing a try.

Uphill skiing
Uphill skiing. Hi J!

It’s a low-impact, super effective aerobic workout and a wonderful way to get outside with family and friends. I highly recommend taking a lesson at the fabulous Weston Ski Track or checking out the conservation land in Lincoln if you have your own equipment. If you’re able to venture a bit further afield, Windblown in New Ipswich, NH is a great option.

Winter hiking

I actually tried this for my first time this year and surprisingly really loved it! J and I went up Mt. Avalon and Field earlier this season and the views were just spectacular. Make sure you’ve got the right gear for this–warm boots with traction, poles, and lots of layers are a must.

How can you go wrong with views like this?
How can you go wrong with views like this?

This might be a better bet when there isn’t quite as much snow, but it’s a wonderful way to take in some of the best mountain views in New England without all those pesky leaves getting in the way.

Hot yoga

Ok, ok–I get it that not everyone sees the snow and immediately wants to run outside and and play in it. Winter is also a fantastic time to try out a new indoor fitness activity! Over my break from school, I check out Corepower Yoga’s new studio on Comm Ave in Allston. I was stoked to try YogaSculpt for the first time–it’s a fast-paced, heated class that combines free weights with a vinyasa flow. The classes I definitely don’t put this in the category of healing, grounding yoga practice, but it was really fun to try something new. Plus, the first week is free!

Flying trapeze

They also take pictures of you looking super badass--worth the $ ;)
With the greatest of ease….

While we’re talking indoor activities, I’m going to get about as epic as as it gets and tell you about my first class at Trapeze School New York’s new Boston location. I’m a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, and I was stoked to take my second TSNY class close to home. My friend S and I had a wonderful time learning a knee hang and getting to practice doing a catch! Also, turns out dangling from a flying trapeze is a pretty intense upper body workout–I could barely move my arms the next day. The instructors are super professional and reassuring (as is the harness), so I highly recommend giving flying a try 🙂

How do you get out and get moving in the winter? (Shoveling your car out doesn’t count–that’s not fun for anyone. Ohh #bosnow…)


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