My favorite blogs, part two: the best gluten free food blogs

Hey friends–in the midst of all of this snow, has anyone else been doing a ton of cooking and baking? I know I have! In that vein, I’m thrilled to be sharing the second installment of my favorite blogs series. Today I’m going all GF and sharing the best gluten free blogs with all of you. There are many more out there that are worth reading, but these ones are by far and away my favorites to read and to cook from. I hope you enjoy!

LCK's Pumpkin Biscuits!Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Lexi is a local gal who posts all kinds of delicious gluten free/paleo recipes. While I don’t generally jump on board with the paleo trend, the recipes on LCK are simple, foolproof, and actually healthy–they don’t fall into the paleo trap of always being centered around bacon fat and unusual, hard to find ingredients. Don’t miss out on these incredibly easy paleo pumpkin biscuits–they’re moist and delicious! I also highly recommend following Lexi on Instagram so that you can see pictures of her adorable new dog.

Fit Foodie Finds and The Healthy Maven

10624611_10100241095599318_3611018261325638305_nThese ladies are buddies in real life, so I’m listing them together. They’re young, fit gals who blog prolifically and post creative, gluten free recipes along with some fun extras on fitness and fashion. Definitely pay attention to the comments to see how people play around and make these recipes work best. I love this duo and can’t wait to read more from them! I especially love Lee at FFF’s easy homemade marinara sauce (pictured here) and Davida at THM’s no-bake cinnamon roll protein bars!

Iowa Girl Eats

This one is an all-around solid food blog with yummy, well-tested recipes that are relatively simple and family-friendly. Kristin also posts just the right amount of adorable baby photos without turning her food blog into a baby blog. While some food bloggers can get a little bit too “out there” with their recipe creation, the food on IGE always looks like what I would want waiting for me when I get home from a long day at work. I’ve made this creamy garlic parmesan quinoa more times than I can count–it’s the perfect side dish!

Deconstructed Spaghetti Squash Carbonara

Gluten Hates Me

April was one of the first gluten free bloggers I happened upon. She has been blogging for years and provides wonderful gluten free lifestyle tips and links to fabulous recipes she and her adorable hubby have tried and loved. GHM is not a “food blog” per se, but more of a chronicle of one gal’s efforts to manage her Celiac disease, stay healthy, and enjoy life (complete with puppies and a brand new baby! Congrats April!!) Do not miss these quinoa cakes or this spaghetti squash carbonara–both are fabulous.

So… Let’s Hang Out

Even if you never make a single one of her recipes (which you totally should)–you MUST follow Gina just to read her hilarious posts. This girl is just so dang funny! You won’t be able to get through a post without cracking a smile. On top of that, her recipes are healthy (but not too healthy), interesting (but not too complicated), and dang frigging delish. Don’t miss her maple sriracha Brussels sprouts–nomnomnom.

If you want to follow my adventures as I explore the gluten free blogosphere, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter! Keep an eye out for more blogs to follow as the series continues.